Senior Scientist / Software Developer

We are looking to hire a Senior Scientist / Software Developer with a PhD or comparable experience in cheminformatics.

Your role will be to further develop our software, Assay Central, MegaTrans, MegaTox and Megapredict.

Key roles will be:

  • Developing second generation cheminformatics tools to be used in house and shared with key collaborators and customers.

  • The individual will be responsible for maintaining the software and working with the team to deliver development milestones.

  • They will deliver high quality software on time.

  • An expert in cheminformatics, they will provide an intuitive user interface suitable for non-experts.

The position will need to collaborate with biologists and chemists in the company as well as those outside the company to impact drug discovery and areas outside of this that also require cheminformatics tools.

We offer excellent healthcare benefits, 401K etc. We are based on the NC State University Centennial campus plus we are in a great area to live - Number 2 in the USA!

Please send your CV for consideration. 

We actively support paid internship programs such as the TIBBS ImPACT program at UNC.

University faculty, feel free to contact us if you have excellent PhD or postdoc candidates that would benefit from a paid internship in a small company.