Our Mission

We collaborate with rare disease foundations, academic scientists and other companies to develop clinical candidates for rare or infectious diseases. 

Our Work

Collaborations Pharmaceuticals, Inc. offers drug discovery skills tailored to rare and neglected diseases. Given our domain knowledge, we have noted the need for computational, chemical, and biological capabilities as foundations and patient-driven collaborations seek to translate a therapeutic concept. We share this desire and drive to bring therapies to market.

We provide decades of drug discovery experience to find the most cost- and time-effective routes to a much needed drug therapy.

We offer computational expertise (hit discovery hit-to-lead evolution, lead optimization spanning efficacy to pharmacokinetics to toxicity issues), medicinal chemistry experience (design and synthesis of a wide array of small molecules), and biology capabilities (discovery to pre-clinical assays).

We work with disease foundations, academics or companies to increase the probability of successful discovery outcomes.

A key aspect of bringing a therapy to market is finding the initial funds to make this happen. We have a proven track record of obtaining funding through the NIH and DOD.

What we do

We develop software and approaches to streamline identification of potential therapeutics through our extensive researcher and foundation networks.

We identify research that can be readily translated to treatments for infectious diseases or rare diseases.

We provide the drug discovery preclinical and clinical expertise to move therapeutics into the clinic.

We can perform research on rare disease patient’s fibroblasts and develop protein replacement therapies for these diseases.

Our Pipeline

Proof of concept work using machine learning for bacteria, viruses and parasites demonstrates we can identify molecules with potential in vivo activity that can lead to NIH funding to build our pipeline of drug candidates.

We currently have preclinical assets for Ebola, Chagas Disease, HIV, Tuberculosis, Batten Disease which are funded by NIH grants.